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Despite this decidedly Anglo-American line-up, the collection is globally minded, expanding the traditional Western Front focus to include neglected theatres in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Africa.

The First World War, Volume 1: To Arms

The result is a remarkably insightful and balanced introductory volume, well-suited for survey courses and First World War researchers and a valuable contribution to the literature in its own right. But Gender and the Great War is more than a handy reference guide. Its chapters yield numerous illuminating and often surprising insights, particularly for casual readers, for whom the fact of intimate relationships among soldiers in the trenches — a subject given short shrift by school textbooks — may come as a revelation. How did these spontaneous mobilisations play into the fight for suffrage?

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Here too, however, certain lines of enquiry go untapped. Damousi takes claims of male stoicism more or less at face value, failing to account for how their mourning may have manifested in other, less public ways.

The 17 Best Books on World War I of 12222

Further research into how men channelled these repressed emotions is needed. Nor is the breadth of this material well-served by the overly broadly characterisations that appear in several chapters.

Women were, for the most part, ushered back out of the factories after the Armistice Full suffrage was not achieved in Britain until , while it took a second war for French women to finally win the vote in As modern feminism continues to grapple with the imperial legacies of the First World War, this work is sure to remain burningly relevant for quite some time. His research focuses on Irish veteran reintegration and paramilitary violence in the wake of the First World War. Follow his work MatthewKovac.

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Walk in Hell (Great War, #2) by Harry Turtledove

The Encyclopaedia sold 12 million copies throughout the English-speaking world. The first volume of The Great War concentrated on justifying Britain's entry into World War I , and with encouraging the British people to sign up and fight. In its entirety, The Great War ran to 13 volumes.

In his introduction to volume 1, Hammerton discusses the previous World War I series: 'Although it remains a storehouse of information for future students of the period, "The Great War", as that set of thirteen massive volumes was called, would now require to be largely re-written in light of later knowledge'. Hammerton described Popular History as "embodying the gist of post-war revelations and official documents". Popular History contains 3, pages of text, maps and diagrams, and photographs.

The Great War

Hammerton later edited a biography of J. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography subscription required; free to holders of a UK library ticket. Oxford University Press. Retrieved A Popular History of the Great War.