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This tendency often prolongs and intensifies the negative affect of adverse experiences. We can foster a sense of resilience that will help us get back up when bad things knock us down. Everly, GS, Jr.

Clinical guide to the treatment of the human stress response. NY: Springer. Resilient Leadership. NY DiaMedica.

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Stronger: Develop the resilience you need to succeed. Henry, J. Stress, health, and the social environment. NY: Springer-Verlag. Jones, R.

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NJ: Erlbaum. Current Best Practices coping with major critical incidents. Boston, MA: Commonwealth Press. Werner, E E Resilience and recovery: Findings from the Kauai longitudinal study. George S.

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Everly, Jr. Occupational health promotion may reduce premature aging and disability. Back Psychology Today.

Preparing for the worst: Britons stockpile food in case Brexit causes shortages

Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. During my time at FEMA, we regularly advised people to stock up on enough food and supplies for 72 hours after landfall.

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  • 2. I’m more productive when I’m preparing for the best.;
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Now, authorities are urging residents to have enough to last a week. Meteorologists are also quick to say that forecasting models can be unreliable and that viewers should be prepared regardless of the storm's strength because severe storm surge can lead to a slower recovery. A core part of our message at FEMA was, and still is, that the agency's role is not to replace everything that people lost.

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Instead, people should take an active role in preparing for the worst. Florida's special vulnerability to hurricanes.

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Emergency managers are sounding this alarm for several reasons. The first is climate change. Weather patterns are simply more unpredictable. In , three of the top five costliest hurricanes on record hit. Hurricanes are getting more intense and our preparedness efforts are not keeping up.

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  8. The second reason is that the population density along the Gulf and East Coast — areas prone to hurricanes — has increased since Meanwhile, income inequality is growing more pronounced, which can exacerbate recovery efforts. Hurricanes now affect more people living along the coast, many of whom cannot afford a ticket or gas to get out of town. So, even if a storm is not particularly strong, the damage can be extensive and recovery slow. Hurricane Sandy in , for example, was only an "extratropical storm" when it made landfall, but it hit major cities along the northeast and became the fourth most expensive storm in the country since