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Nonsmooth Optimization Methods. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Auslender, A. Numerical methods for nondifferentiable convex optimization. Mathematical Programming Study , — Bihain, A. Optimization of upper semidifferentiable functions. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications , 4: — Bonnans, J.

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A family of variable metric proximal methods. Mathematical Programming , 15— A descent method with relaxation type step. In Henry, J. Google Scholar. Preliminary computational experience with a descent level method for convex nondifferentiable optimization. In zal, J.

Chapman and Hall. Cheney, E. Numerische Mathematik , 1: — Fletcher, R. Practical Methods of Optimization.

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John Wiley, Chichester. Gaudioso, M. A bundle type approach to the unconstrained minimization of convex nonsmooth functions. Mathematical Programming , — Some techniques for finding the search direction in nonsmooth minimization problems.

Best Paper Awards NeurIPS: Optimal Algorithms for Non-Smooth Distributed Optimization in Networks

Variants to the cutting plane approach for convex nondifferentiable optimization. Optimization , 65— Kelley, J. MathSciNet Google Scholar.

An alternating linearization method with inexact data for bilevel nonsmooth convex optimization

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Nonsmooth Optimization Methods

Robust methods for solving large-scale variational inequality and nonlinear programming problems with applications to problems in economics and engineering, Parallel architectures for solving problems in nonlinear optimization, Graph partitioning techniques to determine underlying structure is being investigated as a tool for general purpose parallel optimization. Matteo Fischetti , University of Padova. Roger Fletcher , The University of Dundee. Christodoulos A. Floudas , Princeton University.

Quadratic Programming

Discrete-continuous nonlinear optimization, local and global optimization, and computational chemistry and biology. Fedor Fomin , St. Petersburg State University , Russia. Graph theory: theory, algorithmic and application issues. Nonlinear programming. Robert Fourer , Northwestern University. Modeling languages, System for large-scale linear and nonlinear programming.

Carla De Francesco , University of Padova. Theoretical integer programming, Integrality of polyhedra, Interior point methods for linear programming.

Multicommodity Flows, NonDifferentiable Optimization. Robert M. Freund , Sloan School of Management, M.

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Mathematical Programming and Nonlinear Optimization, Computational complexity of nonlinear optimization, Interior-point methods in mathematical programming, Linear programming, Fixed-point methods, Related mathematical systems, Applied Optimization in Management and Engineering. Roland W. Freund , Bell Laboratories. Scientific computing, numerical linear algebra, large-scale optimization, and algorithms for circuit simulation. G Saul I. Linear programming, large-scale systems, model validation and evaluation, game theory, multi-objective decision analysis, and the application of operations research methodologies.

David M. Gay , Bell Laboratories. AMPL modeling language or mathematical programming optimization , Nonlinear optimization. Formal modeling. Structured modeling. Alan George , Waterloo University , Ontario.

Nonlinear Programming Methods for Solving Optimal Control Problems

Scientific computation generally, mainly in numerical linear algebra. Decision-making under uncertainty, convex optimization, semidefinite programming. Optimization theory and algorithms , computational differentiation, optimal control of PDEs, application of optimization. Philip E. Gill , University of California , San Diego. Linear programming, nonlinear programming, sparse matrix methods, interior methods.

Design and implementation of algorithms for unconstrained optimization, constrained optimization and nonlinear least squares. Fred Glover , University of Colorado. Applications of computers to the fields of optimization, decision support, industrial planning, financial analysis, systems design, multicriteria analysis, applied artificial intelligence, energy, natural resources planning, logistics, transportation, large scale allocation models.

Algorithms for linear, quadratic, and nonlinear programming, Network flows, Large sparse systems, Telecommunications applications. Gene H.

Defining Optimization Problems

Golub , Stanford University. Numerical analysis, Mathematical programming, and Statistical computing. Algorithms for solving linear systems with special structure, computes eigenvalues of sequences of matrices, and estimates functions of matrices. Large scale optimization, Sparse matrix methods in optimization.

Nick Gould , Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Large-scale nonlinear constrained optimization, Sparse matrices.